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Once your Athlete application has been completed and reviewed, the BKF will contact you with payment details for Athlete membership 

Under 16 $75.00 Per Year

Over 16 $125.00Per Year

Once your Club application has been completed and reviewed, the BKF will contact you with payment details for Club membership $400 Per Year

Athlete Membership

Athlete  Membership


For BKF athletes, membership begins with the  Code of Ethics and Conduct for coaches, which affirms our commitment to our Athletes .With an all-encompassing focus on athlete protection, safe training, overall well-being, healthy competition and sportsmanship, the BKF framework  enables athletes to develop life skills that last beyond Karate

How to Become a Registered Athlete

  • You must be a member of an Karate club or association that is affiliated with the BKF the  become a registered athlete

  • Your club is responsible for registering you with the BKF

  • Once the BKF have received your details from your club and payment for your registration, we will allocate you a Unique Registration Number (URN).

  • For the Affiliation Year from 1 April 2020 the fee for athlete registration will remain at Under 16 $75.00 Per Year  and Over 16 $125.00 Per Year .

  • – this decision was taken as part of our revisions to the 2020/21 affiliation year as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The charge is often paid by club members alongside their club membership fees. Many clubs state this when publicizing their membership fees. 

  • Your registration must be renewed 15 days before the issue date.

  • All athlete registration packs will be sent out digitally only via email. This will include your digital registration card with your personal URN. Your BKF digital registration pack/card should be received no later than 5 days after your registration payment has been received.

  • Your registration number (URN) is on the ID card that you will be sent and it is also available from the person at your club who keeps your details up to date on the secure club portal. Your digital card can be saved to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Once registered your URN stays the same from year-to-year. However, you must have made an up-to-date payment on your registration for your registration to remain active. If payment is not received 15 days after expiry your registration will expire.

If you experience any problems in receiving your digital URN/Registration card for the new affiliation year, you should:

  1. Check your email inbox and make sure that the email is not showing in your spam folder (and mark as a ‘safe sender’)


  1. Contact Membership Services using the Contact Us form on this website



Important details to remember about your Registration

  • Ensure you know your URN, also referred to as licence number or BKF  registration number, or make a note of it

  • Ensure you pay your club membership fee, including BKFs’ registration fee, promptly

    • Make clear to your club that you are a competing athlete if your club also has non-competing athletes

    • Be aware of your club’s membership renewal process – when do you need to pay and how?

  • Ensure your details are correct on your profile:

    • First name – use your full name without abbreviations

    • Surname

    • Date of Birth

    • Rank

    • Club Name

    • Address – keep this up to date to ensure you receive your registration pack

  • When you are sent your athlete pack keep hold of your registration card

Club Membership

BKF Club Membership


  • Are you a club currently outside the BKF?

  • Do you hold a rank  of 3rd dan or above?

  • Would you like to join the Premier Governing Body for Karate recognized by the World Karate Federation?

  • Would you like to add prestige and credibility to your club?

  • Would you like to take advantage of the BKF services such as, National Squads, International competitions at both Kumite and Kata, Coaching program, Referees program as well as National and International recognition?



We offer Child Protection and Safe Guarding, CRB checks, education services and much more such as recognition by the World Karate Federation. We can offer a Dan Grading facility and  adjudication processes  via our Technical committee which comprises of some of Bermuda’s most senior and foremost Karate-ka.


ALL new applications for membership must be submitted on our "BKF Application Form" which, upon receipt, will be submitted to the board for consideration. Decisions will normally be made within 30 days or receipt of your application.




Benefits that your Club and the members of your Club can enjoy with the BKF

  • Eligibility to many WKF sanctioned International competitions
    Many WKF sanctioned competitions are only available to WKF national federation members, in Bermuda this is the BKF.

  • Club Courses advertised on BKF website
    Generate more interest and exposure with a wider audience.

  • Club listing on BKF website
    Recognition of Association member status.

  • Club ‘Find a Club’ listing on BKF website
    Search capability for general public to locate clubs close to their location generating more grass roots participation.

  • Eligibility to enter individuals into prestigious Junior and Senior Pan-American Championships
    Enter individuals into prestigious PKF championships.

  • Eligibility to enter individuals into prestigious Junior and Senior Bermudian National Championships
    Enter individuals into prestigious Bermudian national championships.

  • Access to National Squad program
    Open National Squad training sessions held monthly, conducted by BKF staff.

  • Access to National Satellite Training centers
    Weekly satellite Kumite training sessions with national or assistant national coaches. Centers strategically placed throughout the country.

  • Access to National and International Referee and officials qualification program
    Organized by WKF and BKF Chief Referee allowing individuals to progress through coaching and refereeing  up to World level.

  • Access to ‘competitive coaching’ courses (learn to coach for competitions) - courses for athlete coaches usually run alongside the referee training program.

  • Access to ‘instructor coaching’ program
    BKF Coaching award program.
    Recognition of grades and abilities
    Dan Grades recognized by the Governing Body, often a requirement for many Government run premises.

  • Access to Dan Grade register
    The BKF’s central register of Dan Grades.

  • Access to Technical Grading panel
    Facility to attain senior Dan Grades where current grading opportunities are restricted, usually for 4th Dan and above.

  • Advice, Guidance and Access to Photography Policy and Child Protection template policies
    Child Protection policies including photo policy strictly adhered to protecting the BKF’s younger members.

  • Advice, Guidance and access to template policies for Risk Management
    Risk assessment guidance often a requirement for many council run premises.

  • Personal Accident Insurance worldwide cover
    Competitive rates secured by the BKF and available as an option to individual registration.

  • Instructors Personal Indemnity Insurance
    Competitive rates secured by the BKF and available as an option for all instructors.

  • Openness and transparency

  • All information available for scrutiny via the BKF website, newsletters, email information, minutes and meetings.

  • You may also be interested in reading our 'New Members' Pack' which summaries all of the relevant information about the BKF. This will be available again shortly.

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