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Epic Showdown at the ShotoCup Kata Classic: Karate Enthusiasts Light Up the Stage!

Get ready, Bermuda! The third annual ShotoCup Kata Classic exploded onto the scene on Sunday, October 16, at the iconic Whitney Institute Auditorium. With 20 thrilling divisions spanning a wide age range, the event was nothing short of spectacular!

From young budding talents at the tender age of 5 to seasoned karateka at 65, the auditorium was buzzing with energy and passion. The day kicked off with inspiring words from the legendary Kiyoshi Arnold Allen, the Technical Director of the Bermuda Karate Federation. With over half a century of dedication to karate, Kiyoshi Allen's message was clear: "Karate's resurgence is palpable, and it's on each one of us to fuel this fire!"

But the highlight of the day? The electrifying Black Belt Combine! Andre Joseph made a triumphant return after a four-year break, showcasing a masterful Goju-Ryu Kata that was the epitome of strength and finesse. Talk about making a comeback!

Hold onto your gi, because ShotoCup isn't done yet! Mark your calendars for a riveting kumite seminar led by the formidable Brian Hillard of Team USA on November 27th at 6 Parliament Street, Hamilton. And if that wasn't enough, gear up for the Bermuda Kazumi Karate Open on December 18th at the Whitney Institute's Outerbridge Hall. The martial arts fever is just heating up!

Craving more? Dive into the world of ShotoCup, get the lowdown on athlete stats, and feast your eyes on a visual extravaganza from the event at The saga of karate excellence continues!

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