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Zenji Ingham Triumphs at the 2021 ShotoCup Kata Classic!

On a vibrant Sunday, November 14th, 2021, the Whitney Institute Auditorium was buzzing with excitement as martial arts enthusiasts gathered for the 2nd Annual ShotoCup Kata Classic. This premier event, boasting 22 competitive categories like Youth Kata, Black Belt Kata, and Kobudo, was a spectacle of skill and discipline.

With participants ranging from young prodigies at age 5 to seasoned karateka at 58, the event was a testament to the timeless appeal of karate. The day was inaugurated by the Hon. Dr. Ernest Peets JP, MP, Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sport. Donning his own karate gi, Minister Peets emphasized the significance of the ShotoCup, saying, "This event is pivotal for myriad reasons. By uniting, we can elevate Karate, preserving our rich traditions while imparting our wisdom to the next wave of martial artists."

Under the adept leadership of ShotoCup Director, Edmond Johnson, the event was a masterclass in organization, adhering to Covid protocols while showcasing the sheer prowess of local talents. Standout performances by Seri Fisher, Dash Bailey, and Dominique Brown saw them clinching gold in their respective categories. An elated Mr. Johnson remarked, "Today's turnout and competitive spirit underscore Bermuda's potential as a hotspot for top-tier martial arts events. The future of ShotoCup looks bright!"

The climax of the event was the Black Belt Combine, where Zenji Ingham's impeccable execution of the traditional Goju-Ryu Kata, Kururunfa, left everyone in awe. His stellar performance earned him the coveted silver ShotoCup, a cash prize of a thousand dollars, and of course, the rights to some serious bragging!

The event was made possible thanks to sponsors like Universal Security Alliance Ltd., Hustle and Hydrate water, and Jamie Madison. Martial arts aficionados, mark your calendars! ShotoCup's next big event, the Budo Cup, is slated for December 19th, 2021, at the Whitney Institute Auditorium, featuring workshops by the elite athlete and coach, Brandon Abdullah.

For a deeper dive into the ShotoCup Kata Classic and upcoming events, head over to The martial arts saga continues!

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