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Karate Clash: Bermuda's Best Shine at the 26th Shiai Showdown

On Sunday, March 20, the martial arts community of Bermuda gathered for the grand 26th annual Shiai tournament.

The prestigious event, hosted at the Whitney Institute Auditorium, boasted 45 diverse competition categories, including Kata, Kobudo, and Kumite. Participants spanned a wide age range, from young enthusiasts at 4 years old to seasoned experts at 49.

The day was inaugurated with words from Dr. Ernest Peets, the Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sport. As a Karate enthusiast himself, Minister Peets expressed his pride in the Bermuda Karate Federation's accomplishments, especially their recent NSGB Status approval.

The event's success was attributed to the meticulous planning and execution by Gladwin Roots Phillips, along with ShotoCup Directors Edmond Johnson and Arnold Allen. They ensured a safe, Covid-compliant environment where participants like Dash Bailey, Talia Iris, and Reuben Bean showcased their martial arts prowess, each clinching gold in their respective categories.

Emphasizing the event's spirit, Mr. Phillips remarked, "It's all about young talents shining brightly on the tatami, channeling their energy positively."

One of the event's highlights was the intense Black Belt Kata Combine face-off between Talia Iris and Reuben Bean. However, the standout performance came from Zenji-ryu Karate-do's prodigy, Dash Bailey.

He not only dominated the youth black belt division but also triumphed in the youth advanced Male Kata.

For those keen on diving deeper into the world of martial arts in Bermuda or learning more about the ShotoCup Group, is the go-to destination.

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